Verizon Residential VPN Services

Verizon Residential VPN Services

Verizon Residential VPN Services are now available to the general public. This has many potential benefits to those of you engaged in operations that involve United States residential ip addresses. Not only are there Verizon ipv4 ip addresses available, but a plethora of ipv6 ip addresses as well.

Some history of the Verizon company:

As part of the rebranding that the Baby Bells took in the mid-1990s, all of the operating companies assumed the Bell Atlantic name. In 1997, Bell Atlantic expanded into New York and the New England states by merging with fellow Baby Bell NYNEX. Although Bell Atlantic was the surviving company, the merged company moved its headquarters from Philadelphia to NYNEX’s old headquarters in New York City. In 2000, Bell Atlantic acquired GTE, which operated telecommunications companies across most of the rest of the country that was not already in Bell Atlantic’s footprint. Bell Atlantic, the surviving company, changed its name to “Verizon”

In 2015, Verizon expanded into media ownership by acquiring AOL. Two years later, the company acquired Yahoo! Inc.; both AOL and Yahoo were amalgamated into a new division known as Oath.

As of 2016, Verizon is one of three companies that had their roots in the former Baby Bells. The other two, like Verizon, exist as a result of mergers among fellow former Baby Bell members. One, SBC Communications, bought out the Bells’ former parent AT&T Corporation and assumed the AT&T name. The other, CenturyLink, was formed initially in 2011 by the acquisition of Qwest (formerly named US West). Its Verizon Wireless subsidiary is the largest U.S. wireless communications service provider as of September 2014, with 147 million mobile customers.

Verizon Residential VPN Services are very strong, as per the history of the company and their giant lead in the residential market today. As one of the leading telecommunication and wireless providers, it is a smart choice partnering with this company.

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IAPS Security Services, Ltd. is a company that specializes in residential networking solutions such as remote desktops, vpn services, 4G LTE, and residential proxies.

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