Venezuelan Survey Dynamic VPN

Over the past 2 years we’ve seen a steep increase in survey site users that need quite a few ip addresses to earn their survey incomes. Most of this traffic was coming out of Venezuela and most providers were not prepared for these types of users. Residential Dynamic VPN for Survey users aims to correct this problem and supply 250 AT&T Wireless residential ip addresses dedicated for this purpose.

To our knowledge, there are 5 main survey sites most commonly used by Venezuelan survey users and this residential dynamic vpn service is designed with these types of users specifically in mind. Keep in mind though that a residential dynamic vpn service has a whole lot more functions available than just serving survey users.

Other uses would include streaming American TV websites including Hulu, Fox, CBS, NBC, Amazon Prime, and everyone’s favorite: Netflix.

Starting today IAPS Security Services, Ltd. will begin catering to the needs of Venezuelan survey users with new lines of residential dynamic vpn servers. A dynamic vpn server issues users a new ip address every time they connect to the vpn server so they have a large pool in which to work with. We believe that this type of infrastructure will be very beneficial to the needs of those that do surveys online as part of their supplemental income.

We have seen a smaller portion of survey takers also coming out of Spain and Portugal and these users are also welcome to these new lines of residential dynamic vpn servers. It is our hope that this contribution towards survey users goes a long way in improving the livelihoods of these particular users as they try to make an additional income in the online world.

To discuss this project, or to answer any pre-sales questions folks may have, please be sure to add us on Skype: iaps_support (IAPS Administrative Support) and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Thank you.

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Author: IAPS Security Services, Ltd.

IAPS Security Services, Ltd. is a company that specializes in residential networking solutions such as remote desktops, vpn services, 4G LTE, and residential proxies.

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