France Residential VPN

Getting a France Residential VPN puts you at the center of action. Based in the heart of Europe, you have exclusive access to French media, French poker sites, and everything France that you should need.

Based in the suburbs of Paris, your IAPS Security Services, Ltd. connection to France is rock solid and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on high class residential broadband lines featuring 200 mb/s.

If poker is your thing – we’ve got you covered with our France Residential VPN. This includes Poker Stars, Carbon Poker, and all the other major poker sites. Also includes Betfair and all booky sites as well as casinos and bookmakers.

If your project needs to have a French residential ip address, you are in the right place.

The vast majority of France’s territory and population is situated in Western Europe and is called Metropolitan France, to distinguish it from the country’s various overseas polities. It is bordered by the North Sea in the north, the English Channel in the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean sea in the southeast. It land borders consist of Belgium and Luxembourg in the northeast, Germany and Switzerland in the east, Italy and Monaco in the southeast, and Andorra and Spain in the south and southwest. With the exception of the northeast, most of France’s land borders are roughly delineated by natural boundaries and geographic features: to the south and southeast, the Pyrenees and the Alps and the Jura, respectively, and to the east, the Rhine river.

With an estimated total population of 67.15 million people as of October 2017 with 65 million in metropolitan France, France is the 20th most populous country in the world and the third-most populous in Europe. France is also second most populous country in the European Union after Germany.

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Author: IAPS Security Services, Ltd.

IAPS Security Services, Ltd. is a company that specializes in residential networking solutions such as remote desktops, vpn services, 4G LTE, and residential proxies.

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