An Open Letter To To Be Honest

This is an open letter to the owner of (Wajdan Gul, Islamabad, Pakistan)

Throughout the past several years I have watched your website grow from an unknown site to the larger site that it is now. But what concerns me most is the deceptive nature of your business and all the information you shield from public visibility. As you are striving to build public credibility for your website and for your reading audience, I thought it only proper, fair, and decent of you to publicly disclose how much you make in kickbacks from your recommendations to vpn buyers and to disclose to the general public what happens when you promote a particular vpn provider on your website and your users click the links on your sites to these providers and purchase their products.

In the public sector you have to answer the hard questions posed to you from investigative journalism. Without public disclosure, you cannot obtain credibility. With this in mind, I would think it appropriate to ask you quite forthright: which vpn providers amongst your top 10 providers is paying you the most in affiliate financial kickbacks for your “recommendations?”

Common logic would think that your top 5 recommended “providers” are picking up the tab for your writers, the cost of hosting your website, and any other expenses you have. Is that why they are in the top 5 positions? They are your best financial horses? I’m sure the general public would love to know how much those providers are paying you to keep them in the top 5 positions.

If you deny all of the above, then please sir, tell us how you obtain your revenue as you are not a vpn provider yourself and you only make recommendations to other vpn providers. So logically, where does your revenue come from? The general public is eager to hear the answer to this……..

Another thing comes to mind…..all over your website you claim your vpn providers are not logging anything and that their clients are virtually ghosts that don’t exist on the internet. But we know all too well that you can’t prove any of these claims. You can only repeat what the vpn providers tell you to write. Isn’t that true? Since you can’t independently verify the administrative operations of any vpn company……how can you promote what you can’t verify yourself?

Please inform us Mr. Wajdan Gul, as your audience is expecting you to be forthright and honest about your operations. We shall shortly see how honest your “Reviews” really are.

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Author: IAPS Security Services, Ltd.

IAPS Security Services, Ltd. is a company that specializes in residential networking solutions such as remote desktops, vpn services, 4G LTE, and residential proxies.

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